Thursday, November 7, 2013

Get the LOOK for less!

I've created this look for all my dolls who want to look glamours, stay on trend, and keep up with your favorite fashion icons. This segment will help you achieve a red carpet look without breaking your pockets. Most importantly you can use these products everyday! 

  • SKIN: I am in love "L'Oreal' Youth Code" (Texture Perfector). Not only can you use this moisturizer as a day and a night cream but in one week your pores will reduce and tighten, leaving the skin to feel velvety soft. Best part its only $19.99 at your local drugstore.   I always say how important it is to use a primer, especially if you are trying to achieve a flawless look. 

  • Primer will help your foundation last longer as well as fill in your lines and wrinkles. I came across this primer by accident didn't even realized I had purchase and it was the best mistake I've made thus far. "Palladio Herbal Foundation Primer" is just amazing and just $12.00, what a steal! 

    • EYES: In order for your eye color to POP you will need to use an eye shadow primer. One of the most recommended primers for eyes would be "ELF Studio Eye Primer & Liner Sealer." This little bottle does wonders at $3.00.  For your eyebrows you want to choose a color that matches closes to your hair color.    

    Moving on to eye shadow ... I used "BH Cosmetics" for the eyes and cheeks. I've numbered the shadow in the order they were used. 1. placing on the inner corner of the eye lid. 2. Moving in circular motion use this color in your crease. 3. Place this color in the outer corner of the eye lid and sweep into the crease. 4. Focus on the outer crease to give the eye more depth. This "Neutral Pallet" cost $10.00 for 28 colors.

     Focusing on the cheekbones you want to use 1. Under the cheekbone to give the appearance of a more hallow look. 2. Use this color to blend out the darker color moving up toward the cheekbone. 3. Place this color on the cheekbone and under the eyes for a more highlighted look, this 6 color pallet also cost $10.00.

    "Maybelline "Big Eyes Mascara" For $8.99 & "Wet & Wild Liquid Eyeliner" for under $3.00. "Wet & Wild Purple eyeliner for bottom waterline only $0.99. 

    • FOUNDATION: "Maybelline Fit Me" collections works well with any shade of skin and easy to determine your color with there shade matcher. I used shade 120 foundation stick $8.99 with 20 concealer $6.49 for this flawless finish.  
    • LIPS: "NYX Mega Shine" lip color $5.00 in "Juicy Pink."

    Who said that you can't have your your cake and eat it too? ALL of this for just under $90.00 you can have all the products you will need to re-create this look and many more looks with your 28 neutral pallet.

     For more tips & tricks stay tune to this channel. I still have many more things to show you doll! Peace and Love. If you have any question feel free to contact me via email or comment below. Please follow my Instagram & Twitter @nievesmua_model for everyday inspiration. 

    "Enhancing you Inner Beauty" 

    Wednesday, October 16, 2013

    Anti- Aging Secrets

    Here are 4 simple things that may have you looking older than you should when applying makeup, with 4 easy fixes to keep you looking fabulous.

    The number 1 thing on my list and the biggest mistake that dolls miss would be not filling in your brows. The older you get the thinner your brows become, by shaping your eyebrows your face becomes more youthful. You can fill them in by using a pencil or eye shadow the same shade of your hair, with short strokes where the hair is missing for a more well-defined look. 

    Number 2, using a cream concealer can settle into fine line and wrinkles under the eye and may cake up depending on your skin type, which can make you appear older.  By using a liquid concealer this will minimize lines and going for a lighter shade with a tint of yellow or peach will offset any dark circles. If you are someone with really dark circles I would recommend using a serum day/night. This will help bring your natural color back under the eye as well as reduce wrinkles and always remember to use a moisturizer for the face as well as under the eyes. This will keep your skin feeling radiant.   

    Number 3, incorrect placement of blush and highlight can really make you look older than you should. Many dolls apply blush on the lower part of their cheek bones which actually gives the illusion of a pulled down  face and too much is just a not right. Simply use a natural fiber brush to give the appearance that your actually  blushing which is the look you want to go for. Also make sure your blush is not too red or orange, colors more like a rosy champagne color and tinted peach will work well with any skin tone. Remember to always "highlight" the top planes of your cheekbone which will give brightness to your canvas and "contour" the hallow parts of the face (underneath) the bones for a more structured look.  

    Last, but not lease using a base foundation plus a cover-up powder on top of your base can appear "cakey" and a tad bit too much. Using a translucent non tint powder with your base can not only diffuse light but applied with a natural fiber powder brush can really give you a flawless youthful look you've always wanted. 

    Saturday, July 20, 2013

    Black don't Crack! Make up tips Inside ...

    How to wear makeup for ladies with darker skin complexion …  
    ….    I get a lot of inquires with lovely dark skin women who always ask me what looks good on me? What eye shadow colors, lipstick, nail polish, and foundations should I use with my dark skin tone?      

    It’s not as hard as you ladies may think on picking colors that go with your skin tone. It’s actually a lot of fun due to you are able to use bright bold colors and they just look amazing on darker skin tones. Now you do have to be careful, picking the wrong shades can appear more ashy on the surface but done right you can have a flawless gorgeous complexion. If you didn't know, darker skin can withstand the exposure from the sun and heat due to the melon and pigment of the skin. That’s a main reason why you will never get sunburn and wont wrinkle. You will look younger than ever the more you age. Isn't that awesome!  

     When you focusing on your eyes the most important thing is you want to make them pop, by lining just the top of the eye lid. You have to be careful with using eyeliner on the waterline as it may give off the appearance of a tired look. On the eyelid you want to use plums, burgundy, gold and bright colors. When using bright colors you want to focus them on the eyelid. Then, using a darker color in your crease; dark brown, dark plums, wine or even black for a more dramatic look. Always remember to trace in your eye brows the same color as your hair. This allows the face to be framed for a more polished look and of course a must, Mascara to bring it all together!

    Next, we want to focus on the skin. The more pigment you may have the more hyper-pigmentation you may find, which can be difficult on finding the right shade. Always remember you want to look at your whole picture, you don’t want your face to appear lighter than the rest of your body or vice-versa. So always start with a concealer first. This tends to be 1 or 2 shades lighter than your foundation for better coverage. Typically you may want to use more of a yellow base if it appears to look ashy try more of an orange/gold or even pink for a better complexion.  When choosing the perfect concealer you always want to look at exactly what you’re covering and your skin type. Matte-finishes will cover blemishes as well work very well with oily skin as for a creamy base will work better under the eye, covers lighter areas, and works well with skin that tends to need more hydration. Same thing goes for foundation for skin types but the MOST IMPORTANT thing here is we want to match the perfect color. You want to aim for the middle color of the pigment on the surface, but keep in mind that the inner part of your face is always lighter than the outer most part of your face to pull the look together on looking fabulous!  

    Blush, Highlight & Contour are more ways to keep you looking young and fresh! Great colors for blushes would be red undertones, copper, plums, corals, and even fuchsia. These colors help the skin to look alive and REMEMBER you want to focus the blush on the apples of your cheeks not too much though you want to make it seem as if you’re “BLUSHING” not a baby doll unless that’s the look you’re going for.  Golden highlights just look amazing on darker skin you want to focus on your cheek bones and as for your contour it’s like carving a pumpkin. By using a more of a dark chocolate you want to go in on the hallow areas of the face to give off the appearance of a sleeker look.   
     LIPSTICKS & Nail Polish are my personal favorite and can be very easy to pick out your right color. You can choose anything from bright pinks and corals to a brick red or dark plum. When choosing nudes you want to be careful not to go to light. Still look for something that has a sheer pink coral undertone, or a sheer red or plum keeping the natural color of your own lips. Lining the lips can be fun also depending on which colors you are using lip liners can completely change the color of your favorite lipstick by making it darker or lighter. Same for Nail polish feel free to add in your own personal style as well.  

    For more tips & tricks always keep up with me on my PERSONAL Instagram: @NievesMua_Model
     Fan Page: Latoya Nieves
    For any inquires of what you want to see next,booking,events, sessions or just have a question feel free to email me via

    "Stay Beautiful My Friends"



    Monday, July 8, 2013


    As a celebrity makeup artist, I am very aware of what ingredients are in a product because I don't want my client to have an allergic reaction.

      For instance, one of the most common ingredients found in brow liner, foundation, bronzer, lipstick and more is Zinc Oxide. This is an inorganic oxide, used as a colorant and sunscreen agent, its functions consist of a bulking Agent; Colorant and Skin Protection.

     More importantly to the client is the texture of the makeup that they are using to interact with their skin type. Examples, such as a matte finish for more oily skin. Matte is having a dull or lusterless surface where the skin doesn’t produce a dewy surface. You can find matte eye shadows, foundations and lipsticks. These products appear with a dyer finish.

     One of the main ingredients in Matte Finishes is Silica. Silicon dioxide is a form of sand that is safe to use in makeup due to that they aren’t small enough to enter into your pores. Its main function is to prevent Oils from coming to the surface and provides an anti caking formula as well.

     One thing that every woman loves is Eye Liner. Kohl can be found in a lot of different liners used to darken areas such as the corner of the eye lid, waterline, and well as eyebrows. Kohl is a powder which makes it smooth to move around the surface and easy to pack more color. The main ingredient in Kohl is Galena which is a natural mineral form of lead sulfide.

     Shimmer can be found mostly in eye shadows and liners, and can be broken down into many different textures depending on how much shimmer you are looking for. The main ingredient in shimmer base products is Mica. Mica adheres to the skin and is used to give a luster or pearl finish to any product. Mica is resistant to heat, sweat, oils, and chemical attack. When mixed with iron oxide this active ingredient gives off a flakes sparkle with a gold tint.

     One ingredient that is used to provide shimmer is Bismuth ox chloride (BOC) a lot of mineral make-up have this active ingredient inside but can cause a serious skin and respiratory irritant. It’s very important to investigate with your clients as well as knowing your products and there ingredients so a beautiful makeover doesn’t go wrong.

    Tuesday, May 21, 2013

    Unbelievable Seacrets INSIDE

    What's more perfect to talk about other than "SKINCARE" this summer. Well, I have the perfect product for you and its highly recommended! What better way to enhance your natural beauty by using natural ingredients from the earth. That won't give temporary results, but will be life changing! What am I talking about? I am talking ''Seacret's" minerals from the dead sea. I'm sure you've heard of it or walked pass a booth in your local malls if you haven't stopped and tried it out, your missing out on life! This product is not only amazing but it truly enhances your inner beauty the more you use it! Lets first go into why should you even use it, compared to local drugstore brands.
    Seacrets has everything from Skincare to Facial needs, Nail Care, and even products for Men! This mineral break through was founded in Israel in the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is huge body of water that sits at the lowest section of the earth, the dead sea has contains over 40 billion tons of salts and minerals. 
    The Ingredients in this innovative formula are just spectacular! Everything is taken from this wonderful body of water, which is all rich and filled with many ways of making your own skin appear more flawless. Some key ingredients that make up this skincare line are Aloe Vera: also known as the medicinal aloe. Coconut oil: It is very rich in fiber, vitamins, and minerals especially vitamin E which is known to be a natural antioxidant that helps in fighting free-radicals ... just to name a few ... to view all ingredients please visit link --->> Seacret Ingredients
    The results are unbelievable!!! Who would of thought the Dead Sea helps with Eczema, psoriasis, acne, and other various types of skin diseases. Just think remarkable results that last for a lifetime and the best part about it you have to spend a lot of money to get of hold of it. I love a good bargain and better yet a natural one! Just take a look for yourself the results are remarkable!!! Additional Products
    Whats in it for you???? A whole unique face, skin and body line of its own kind. Now, men have a hard time deciding which skincare products are best to use on there faces due to there skin a bit more thicker and could even be a bit more sensitive. With Seacrets natural remedies it isn't hard to find this product nothing short of spectacularMen's Line
    Research more of Seacret's SkinCare , Anti Aging , and New Arrivals NOW!! What better way to get your natural flawless skin they way you want it without spending a lot for it. These products are a great way to set your makeup as well. Remember, its not the foundation that makes you pretty its how you take care of your skin that shows true beauty!


    Friday, May 17, 2013

    Lets Keep you updated with "Spring/Summer" Trends for Makeup

    Its always hard to keep up with the new styles and colors as the seasons past, there seem to be so many. Here, in this session I will update you on the new make up & nails tips for this season in helping you accessories your look and keep you fabulous this spring/summer.
    Lets first start off with what colors are hot this season.
    Now, how do we take these colors to the next level through fashion. Mix & Matching these colors can be a bit overwhelming hopefully, this segment can help you next time your getting ready. Lets talk makeup ..... Now, of course we aren't going to use all of these colors at once. Pick a color and go for it!
    We want to make sure that our skin is as natural and flawless as possible using minimal foundation is key this S/S. Refer back to Skin Techniques for ideas and product recommendations.
    As for your eye makeup: We are using a lot of metallic to enhance the S/S trends. You can play up the colors pretty much any way you'd like, As shown below.

     Liner & Mascara are a HUGE part of your look this season. Easy to play up your over all look or stunningly used by itself, can really take your look to the next level. The Normal "Cat Eye" is the most sought after liner and very simple to recreate. Follow my interactive 4 step liner technique class to start rocking yours today! Remember "Less is More" so, we can go with your more traditional black wing or play up our S/S colors anyway you'd like. "As shown below"  Lips & Nails have been trending for just about for 3 seasons now. There isn't anything more chic than a doll with a nice manicure and hydrated lips. This is where we can go crazy with our S/S trending colors by going either "bold;bright" or "soft;natural".  
    Now, Lets not forget Trend! As you can tell in all of these pictures we have flawless natural skin and minimal make up but making bold statements with our colors of the season to keep it classy for an everyday wear. You want to remember that make up is the accessory just like a purse or the jewelry you are wearing. That's the beauty of fashion you are able to go all out, or just simplify it. If your having trouble trying to figure out which colors suit you best please visit "What's my Secret?" for color theory on eye color to eye shadow colors. Below or some more images of how to keep it simple yet stunning or bold and glamorous!

     One thing you always want to remember "You can not be intimidated on changing your look or thinking that this color just wont look right on me". Its all about the confidence you have and show that will pull off any color lipstick or eye shadow. Of course, you have to make it work for your eye shape and facial structure but with the right technique you can pull just about any look you want to show off to the world!

    Sunday, May 5, 2013

    What!? Perfect Winged Liner Everytime 0_o

     Today, I did a technique class on how to obtain the perfect winged liner and I thought I'd share it with you guys. Liner can be difficult if you don't have the technique down. Once you know exactly how its done you will get a perfect wing every time!
    Typically you want to apply your liner after your eye shadows & before mascara so your lashes aren't in the way, but if your going for a clean eye with just liner I would recommend if your more oily, to at lease powder the eye with a natural shade or even an eye shadow base so the liner last longer on your eyelid.
    Step 1.Find out exactly where you want your liner to end, using your bottom lash line as a guide going upward diagonally. You want it to look like a continuation of your bottom lash line.
    Step 2. Next, the tip of the felt tip pen should be at the your bottom lashes, going in a 45 degree angle upward. You want to make sure that you aren't going any further than where you eyebrow ends.
    Step 3. Now its time to connect the wing to the rest of your eyelid. Going from the end of your wing draw a straight line to the middle of your eye lid. If you have a shaky hand holding your breath may help or stretching out your eyelid.
    Step 4. FINALLY! You now have the outline of your perfect liner all is left to do is fill in the  empty space and you have now achieved your perfect winged liner!
    If you are still finding this technique difficult feel free to inquire on technique classes to improve your makeup skills.